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75th Annual XXI Club Dinner - 10th November 2007, Whitworth Hall Manchester

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  • Freshers' Cup
  • Jack Smith Cup
  • Jubilee Cup
  • The Club Award

Elections to the Club

Special Elections
Jane Weatherstone-Wilson

Annual Elections
Victoria Cruikshank (Cricket)
Thomas Cronin (Jiu Jitsu)
Olivia Clinton (Lacrosse)
Tom Lawrence (Mountaineering)
Michael Rock (Swimming & Water Polo)
Stephanie Hill (Swimming & Water Polo)
Nicki Pugh (Trampoline)

Service Excellence
Fraser Wikner (Badminton)
Chris Cook (Boat)
Ajibola Omokanye (Basketball)
Frances Taylor (Boat)
John Wood (Canoe)
Andrew Hutchison (Cricket)
Claire Coleridge (Fencing)
Siobhan Mcguirk (Football)
Nicholas Burke (Hockey)
Phil Jarvis (Lawn Tennis)
Robert Townsend (Rugby Union)
Carla Hunt (Netball)
Sarah Arthur
Sarah Tamplin (Lawn Tennis)

Athletic Union Chair

Andrew Chaston (Association Football)



Olympic Silver Medalists, Quadruple Sculls, Sydney 2000,
Team GB's First Women's Olympic Medal in Rowing

Election of Officers to Committee

President: Graham Smith
Chairman: Helen Fairclough
Hon Treasurer: Roger Horsfield
Hon Secretary: Kinloch Magowan 
Keeper of the Records – Bill Littlejohn
Newsletter Editor: Chris Paul
Committee Members: Brian Solomon, David Findlay

Chairman's Report from AGM

BLJ gave an overview of activity during his one year in the role of Chairman. Control of finances has been regained (RH) and the website rebuilt (KM) with the result of some ‘lost’ members getting back in touch. A referendum was called regarding the future of the club: a majority of over 80 members voted in favour of continuing.

BLJ proposes that the club links very closely with the proposed University of Manchester Sports Network Alumni Club (SNAC) to provide a mechanism for moving forward. This was accepted by those present.

BLJ proposes that the committee are empowered to act on behalf of the club, based on the responses received from the referendum (many of which were by email). Ron Hill raises issue of those not on email and noted his suggestion of a James Hickman award was not actioned previously. ZHP suggests circulating minutes of AGM promptly after meeting to ensure oversights are not made.

BLJ thanked the committee for their continued efforts.

ZHP thanked BLJ and committee for improved communication.

Photos from this event:

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