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73rd Annual XXI Club Dinner - 29th October 2005, Manchester Town Hall


  • Jack Smith Cup – Ellen Small (Rugby Union) and Mohammed El-Said (Squash)
  • Jubilee Cup – Swimming and Waterpolo
  • Freshers Cup – Nick Ames (Tennis)

Elections to Committee

  • President – Zara Hyde Peters
  • Chair – Peter Nield
  • Hon Treasurer – Roger Horsfield
  • Hon Secretary – Helen Fairclough
  • Sports Excellence Co-ordinator – Peter Nield
  • Newsletter Editor and Keeper of the Records – Chris Paul and Bill Littlejohn
  • Committee Member – Kinloch Magowan
  • Committee Member – Stuart Gordon
  • Committee Member – Brian Solomon

Chairman's Report from AGM

Peter Nield reported on the activity of the Club this year and on the priorities of the Management Committee for next year. 

A summary of the key points is provided below:

The new location for the Dinner of Manchester Town Hall has been chosen to allow flexibility for larger numbers in future years.

Links to the AU Clubs and Sports Directorate

The management committee has worked to encourage greater participation from younger members of the Club.  The Club is very grateful for the efforts of Jeannie Ivanov, the AU Hon Sec, in promoting the Club amongst the student body and  in encouraging students to attend the Dinner.  Members of the committee attended the AU Awards Dinner to present awards on behalf of the Club.  The committee has proposed the election of coaches and community sport volunteers to the XXI Club for the first time this evening.  The Chairman attended the Sports Excellence Weekend in September to run 2 SAQ sessions and to promote the XXI Club. 

At the next meeting the management committee will develop a list of activities for active members to undertake. 

Links with the Membership
There is a need to actively fill the membership gap (1970s to 1990s) otherwise Dinner numbers will fall.  The address monitors system has not been successful to date however the committee will continue to pursue the concept.  A regular newsletter has been requested but at the moment the task is too big for any of the current committee to take on.  This issuing of a regular newsletter might be more feasible if an administrative function could be paid for by the Club but at present we do not have the income stream to support this. 

Website and database
Unfortunately the website update has not progressed this year however the committee is approaching Kinloch Magowan and Stuart Baldwin about taking this forward. 

The database continues to be managed and updated by Bill Littlejohn.  His efforts for the Dinner and in co-ordinating the updates have been a mammoth exercise for which the committee is very grateful. 

Sports Scholarships
The University is now part of the Government’s Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme.   The Club is no longer contributing its £2,500/year to the Sports Directorate for a scholarship scheme.  There needs to be a discussion about how we can use the funds we generate in the future.

Overall in a year in which the emphasis on our stated objective of developing the web site further there is much to praise in the dedication and effort by the committee and other club members who have supported the Club. It has not been an easy year. The challenges we face remain and do not have a quick fix solution.

However as we look to secure our future and a major attendance for the 75th Annual Dinner we will encourage more members to be actively involved.
Photos from this event:

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