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72nd Annual XXI Club Dinner - 30th October 2004, Northenden Golf Club

The 2004 XXI Club Dinner was held on Saturday 30th October at Northenden Golf Club. 65 members and their guests attended. Our Guest of Honour was Mr Vince Wilson, a retired Sports Correspondent whop entertained us with some insights into the life of a sports journalist and some hilarious anecdotes of his experiences with the likes of Brian Clough, Bill Shankley and others.

The catering staff at Northenden Golf Club did us proud, the menu being as follows:

  • Smoked Salmon & Prawns
  • Lamb Rump with a Redcurrant & Rosemary Sauce
  • Peach Strudle or a Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Cheese & Biscuits
  • Coffee & Mints

[Text by Oliver Clarke]


  • Jack Smith Cup: Corin Beck (Fencing)
  • Jubilee Cup: Boat Club
  • Fresher's Cup: Peter Flanagan (Men's Hockey)
  • The Mike Scotts Plate (for outstanding service to the Club) was not awarded this year.

Elections to the Club

  • Peter Flanagan, Men's Hockey
  • Sam Gilliatt, Men's Hockey
  • Andy Howse, Men's Hockey
  • Sinead McCarthy, Women's Hockey
  • Kirsten McGrath, Judo
  • Paul Shergold, Judo
  • Sarah Clarke, Lacrosse
  • Micki Ackers, Lacrosse
  • Karina Sobczyk, Lacrosse
  • Sarah Eden, Women's Rugby League
  • Aimee Bradshaw, Women's Rugby League
  • Harriet Slynn, Women's Rugby League
  • Sally Higginson, Women's Volleyball
  • Jeannie Ivanov, AU Chair and Women's Football


Chairman's Report from AGM

Peter Nield reported on the activity of the Club this year and on the priorities of the Management Committee for next year. 

Sporting success
Club members including James Hickman, Graeme Smith, Adrian Turner and Zara Hyde-Peters were all in Athens. 

Peter thanked Bill Littlejohn, Helen Fairclough, Oliver Clarke, Dave Findlay and Oliver Latham for their work this year.  He added that it is important to get more people involved in the administration of the Club.  The Club must also find ways to generate funds. 

Peter outlined his objectives for his tenure as Chair:

  • To involve more people in the Club – committees/events
  • To offer worthwhile support for the XXI Club active members at University
  • Actively find ways to connect to the student body making the Club known and promoting the Club’s aims and objectives.

He added that the Club is on the edge of a crisis due the low number of members elected in the 20 years between the mid 1960’s and 1980’s and the spread of current graduates around the world to work and live.  The Club should run a strengths and weaknesses analysis from the database to assess the problem. 

University Developments
Alison Odell is leading a combined Owens and UMIST AU.  Sport at the University will receive £4.5 million over the next 3 years.  The remit of the Sports Excellence weekend has changed and there will be additional sports scholarships on offer from the University.  Peter explained that Alison has expressed her concern that the XXI Club is being by-passed and has lost its place as new initiatives and fully funded and staffed programmes can be run internally.  The XXI Club therefore needs to offer new services to the AU; Peter believes that these could include:

  • Mentoring your athletes
  • Coaching from members who are qualified coaches
  • Offering employment opportunities/sponsorship for graduates/post grad courses
  • Offering lifestyle management courses for elite athletes
  • Providing promotional material
  • Offering web design and graphics to the AU to develop their own sites/literature. 

These services and ways of involving more Club members will be considered by the Management Committee this year. 

Photos from this event:

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