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68th Annual XXI Club Dinner - 10th October 2000


  • Jack Smith Cup – Dean Field (Shotokan Karate)
  • Jubilee Cup – Cycling Club

Elections to the Club

  • 19 active members
  • 1 Special Election

Election of Officers to Committee

  • President –Peter Levene
  • Chair – Peter Hughes
  • Hon Treasurer – Richard Shackcloth
  • Assistant Treasurer – Bill Shackcloth
  • Hon Secretary – Helen Fairclough
  • Keeper of Records – Andy Horbury
  • Director of Sports Excellence – Peter Nield
  • AU Chair – Kate Thomas
  • Newsletter Editor – Chris Paul
  • Committee Member – Brian Solomon
  • Active Member – Ian Shackcloth
  • Active Member – Nick Roberts
  • Active Member – Catherine Wells
  • Active Member – Maher Al-Ausi
  • Election and Awards Sub-Committee Chair – Alison Odell
  • Active Sub-Committee Chair – Catherine Wells

President's Report from AGM

Alison Odell reported that it has been a very busy year and she thanked Peter Hughes and Helen Fairclough for their help throughout the year. The setting up of the five sub-committees has been a success. Alison thanked Richard Shackcloth for his enthusiasm and ideas in the finance and sponsorship area and Bill Shackcloth for doing many of the Treasurer’s jobs since Richard has been in Australia. 

On the social side David Findlay and John Rowley have worked very hard to organise the Annual Dinner, thanks go to them.

The Election and Awards Sub-committee has worked on the Constitution throughout the year and also on the criteria for Special Election and for the Club Award. Thanks in particular to Richard Shackcloth, Anita Miles and Ron Unsworth for developing these criteria.

The active Sub-Committee chaired by Andy Greenhalgh worked on ideas for a membership pack that will soon be presented to new elections.

The Sports Excellence Weekend was well attended despite the petrol crisis. Thanks to Martin Rush and Peter Neild for organising the event.

The major development of the year has been the Excellence in Sport Programme and thanks go to the following people who have worked so hard to  bring the idea to fruition, Katie Sayer, Ron Unsworth, Martin Rush, Peter Hughes, Chris Paul and Kate Thomas.

Photos from this event:

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